Destination of the Month - Denmark


Denmark is known as Scandinavia’s ‘greatest little kingdom’!
It is located at the northern tip of mainland Europe and shares a land border with Germany. Denmark is also connected to Sweden via the Øresund Bridge.
Denmark's main airport, Copenhagen Airport, is the busiest in Scandinavia and is serviced by all major international airline operators.

Copenhagen is the world's most liveable city, and you will understand why during a short break to this laid-back capital. Forget exhausting weekends, Copenhagen's attractions are within walking or cycling distance of each other. Aarhus is easy to get to and nestles between fjords, beaches and national parks. Odense is like stepping back in time.

If you love to travel to new places and experience a real taste of the local culture through food, then Denmark is a destination for you. 
Not everyone can enjoy the world's best restaurant ‘noma’ which is based in Copenhagen but that is not important. Denmark's food scene has exploded over the last few years and you can tuck into Nordic cuisine at many restaurants located all around the country. For more affordable options, try street food or sample old Danish classics like ‘smørrebrød’.

Copenhagen Walking Tours is an ideal way of visiting the city up close and provides visitors with a new and interesting way of enjoying the sights of the city. Like the famous Hans Christian Andersen, these tours tell a story of the city. You will hear how Copenhagen evolved and learn about the interesting Danish personalities who have left their imprint on the city.

What do you think of as culture? World-class museums and exhibits? Festivals? A thriving music or theatre scene? Culture in Denmark can be found in many forms.
The unique underwater Maritime Museum in Helsingør was nominated as European Museum of the Year in 2015 and some of Scandinavia's largest food, music, film and fashion festivals take place here. 
You don't need to be a history fanatic or a Viking enthusiast to delve into Denmark's rich and ancient history. It is alive all around you! Just walking the streets of Denmark's towns and cities will bring you face-to-face with historical buildings, monuments and a feeling of a slower, simpler world. For a first-hand experience, why not stay at a Viking camp, see battles and visit UNESCO World Heritage Sites or head to one of the many stunning castles.

Explore the sights of Royal Denmark. The Danish monarchy is a popular institution in Denmark and is one of the oldest in the world. The current monarch, Her Majesty Queen Margrethe II, can trace her lineage back to the first Viking kings of Denmark over 1000 years ago. Denmark is a wonderful place to experience royal traditions, monuments, palaces and join in celebrations. 

Denmark is not an extreme country in terms of landscape or weather. There is a lot of gentle countryside and mild outdoors to explore. This makes it the perfect place to get active.
Take a break from it all in the great outdoors, walking in the national parks, cycling the popular cycling routes, or even trying your hand at water sports. The famous white cliffs at Møn are even more impressive from a kayak!

There are over 8,700km of beaches and hundreds of accessible holiday islands to hop between. You do not have to look far to find the perfect stretch of sand to relax on. Danes love spending time on Denmark's beaches, and there are holiday cottages, inns, seaside hotels and B&Bs dotted around the coast.

The famous Tivoli Gardens is at its most atmospheric when it opens specially for Christmas and Halloween. Experience extra special performances and firework displays and sample seasonal treats. The Christmas Market here is one of the best in Scandinavia and both are unmissable experiences for the whole family.

In the heart of Denmark is Odense, nestled on Denmark’s garden islandFunen, which is home to many manor houses and castles e.g. the stunning Egeskov Castle. The city is named after Odin, the Norse god of war, poetry and wisdom, a perfect patron for a cultural and historical hotspot. Hans Christian Andersen put Denmark on the world map through his fantastical 19th century fairy tales. At the Hans Christian Andersen Museum, you can form a strong impression of the writer as a person as well as the world he lived in. You can also visit his childhood home, see his sketches and papercuts and take a Hans Christian Andersen guided tour of the city. Another Odense-born celebrity is the composer Carl Nielsen. Visit the museum dedicated to the life and work of Denmark’s most famous composer. Odense dates back to pre-Viking times and offers a rich mix of historical periods and attractions. Visit the intriguing Sankt Knuds Kirke (Saint Canute's Cathedral), the only example of true Gothic architecture in Denmark. Experience yesteryear at the Funen Village, an open-air museum in a reconstructed 19th century village.

The dramatic Kronborg Castle at Helsingør (Elsinore) is a must-see on any holiday to Denmark. This famous World Heritage Site located an hour north of Copenhagen, is where Shakespeare set Hamlet.

West Zealand is an area steeped in history. From the stone age through the Viking era, medieval times and the present, West Zealand has played an important role in Danish history. The region is home to the impressive cathedral city Roskilde, dating back to Viking times. West Zealand has plenty of Viking attractions to look at, including Viking ships and Viking fortresses. The region is scattered with small market towns and quiet harbours, and the nature consists of beautiful fjords, beaches, cliffs, rolling hills and islands.

South Zealand has the highest cliffs in the country, Møn’s Cliff (Møns Klint) and Stevn’s Cliff (Stevns Klint). These dramatic, white fortresses border the Baltic Sea and are a great place for walking and ramblers. These natural phenomena are easily reached by road. The rest of the area is characterised by open, green landscapes, beautiful beaches and bridges connecting South Zealand with the rustic islands of Falster, Lolland and Møn. The islands are popular holiday spots with great natural attractions, laid-back living and some of the best beaches in Zealand.

South Jutland is an historical treasure trove with well-preserved ancient towns, castles, cathedrals and a multitude of exciting museums. It is also home to Denmark's oldest town and each year, there are a variety of historical festivals and markets to visit and enjoy.

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